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“ Freekeh “


To prepare meat:

-      1 kg meat, cut into large cubes.

-      1 tsp. black pepper, beads

-      4 cardamom

-      4 cloves

-      1 tsp. cumin, beads

-      2 Cinnamon stick

-      2 bay leaves

-      1 medium onion

-      1 tbs. salt

To prepare Freekeh:

-      4 cups Freekeh

-      2 tbs. ghee

-      2 large onions, chopped

-      1 tbs. all-spice

-      1 tsp. Cinnamon, crushed

-      1 tsp. cumin, crushed

-      1 tbs. salt

-      ½ tsp. black peppers

-      One cup and half peas

-      ½ cup pine, fried  

-      6 cups hot water


1-    Wash Freekeh many times and soak in hot water for half an hour.

2-    To prepare meat: In a large saucepan, place meat, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, cumin, Cinnamon, bay leaves, onion and salt. Add water and let boil until meat cooked well. Reserve stock after refining.

3-    To prepare freekeh: In a large saucepan, heat ghee, add onion, sauté until soft and smooth on a medium heat. Then add peas, simmer for several minutes. Keep some peas for garnish.

4-    Add freekeh over onion and peas, softly simmer until all ingredients combined well.

5-    Add all-spices, Cinnamon, cumin, salt and black peppers. Pour over stock and allow to cook on medium heat.

6-    When freekeh finely cooked, serve in a large platter. Place meat and peas over and sprinkle pine on top.