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“ Potato salad with French sauce “


-      4 medium potato

-      200g mushroom

-      100g salami

-      2 tbs. dill, finely chopped

-      2 green onion leaves, chopped

For French sauce:

-      1 small onion, finely chopped

-      ¼ cup white vinegar

-      3 tbs. lemon juice

-      ¼ cup ALREEF Sunflower Oil

-      ½ cup ALREEF Olive Oil

-      2 tsp. mustard

-      1 tsp. sugar

-      1 tsp. salt

-      1 tsp. black pepper

 Serve with lettuce


1-    To prepare French sauce: in a deep bowl, mix onion, vinegar and lemon juice. Soak for half an hour. Refine the mixture and discard onion.

2-    Add mustard, sugar, salt and black pepper to the mixture. Mix ingredients very well, then gradually add ALREEF Olive Oil & ALREEF Sunflower Oil. Stir until the sauce smooth and consistent.

3-    Put the sauce in a jar at the fridge

4-    Cook potatoes, peel (to taste) and cut into medium cubes.

5-    Place lettuce in a platter, add potato, mushroom and salami, then dill and onion leaves.

6-    Add sauce over and serve hot or cold.