Production facilities:
- Factory of Edible ghee production" physical refinery"
- Factory of Processing and refining of edible oils
- Factory of manufacturing and production of empty tins
- Oil reservoirs

The edible ghee production factory is a pioneer in the ghee production business in Syria. Our products and trade marks (Al-Reef, Al-Khair, and Al-Khareef) are known for their high quality and refined taste. The standard specifications of these products are compatible with international standards, placing us as no. 1 market share in the domestic market.
As for olive oil, “Syria is known worldwide as the Country of origin of Olive Trees. The Wild Olive Tree was first born and cultivated in Syria and Palestine 6000 years ago...”
“After, Phoenicians spread the olive in Mediterranean shores of Africa and Southern Europe. The olive culture continued spreading to the early Greek & Roman civilizations according to the Roman Empire expansion”
Syria nowadays is among the leading producers of olive oil worldwide, It is ranked 4th in Olive Oil output.

Our product offerings:
- Extra virgin Olive Oil, acidity less than 0.8 %
- Virgin Olive Oil, acidity up to 1.5 %
- Lampante

We deliver in bulk, or in the following different formats:
- 250 cc, 500 cc, 750 cc, 1000 cc, 1500 cc and 2880 cc in glass bottles.
- 500 cc, (1, 2, 4 liters) in PET bottles.
- 4 liters, 8 kg & 16 kg Tins.

Quality: Filtered or Unfiltered according to COOI rules.
All production lines are compatible with international specifications of edible oils and ghee treatment and usage.
All factory equipment, instruments and production lines are imported from world-class companies in Europe and USA.

- Production capacity:
Edible ghee production factory - 150 MT / day
Processing and refining of edible oils factory - 200 MT / day

- Storage capacity: 20,000 MT

The quality of our product gained the loyalty and respect of the local Syrian consumer.
Our gradual exerted efforts in meeting international standards gave us a competitive edge on the international scene.